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Commercial Hurricane Insurance

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Commercial hurricane insurance to protect your company.

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Hurricanes can be devastating to a business, and every year from June to November your business is at risk for damage. From heavy rains to strong winds, there’s a lot to take into consideration. That’s why it’s important to get commercial hurricane insurance to protect your business in the event of a hurricane.

Your commercial property insurance might not cover hurricanes.

You might not know this, but your commercial property insurance may exclude hurricane damage from your policy or it may contain a high deductible. In that case, you will need a separate policy to go with your standard commercial property insurance. Factors like the location of your business, proximity to the coast, and your insurance carrier will likely influence the cost of your policy. However, when looking at the potential for many thousands of dollars in damages from just one storm, it’s beneficial to consider hurricane coverage.

Hurricanes can do a lot more than just damage your property.

Hurricanes devastate communities, resulting in flooded roads, fallen trees, and downed power lines to name a few. All of this, combined with any damage to your property, could cause your business to be shut down for days or weeks. Including business interruption insurance with your commercial hurricane insurance policy can help you avoid financial difficulties by providing your business with income until you are able to resume your normal operations.

Commercial hurricane insurance is not flood insurance.

While it’s important to know what commercial hurricane insurance does cover, it’s also important to know what it does not cover. The heavy rainfall can cause major flooding, which may result in harm to your business. However, your commercial hurricane insurance policy will not provide coverage for that damage. Flood insurance is a separate policy that you may want to get in addition to your commercial hurricane insurance to provide all-around protection for your business.

Your business should consider how to mitigate your risks.

While you’ll never be able to stop a hurricane from happening, there are ways that your business can prepare for the worst and mitigate the risks that hurricanes pose to it. Risk management services can help you plan for potential hurricanes by examining your current coverage for gaps and then finding the right coverage to protect your property, employees, and equipment. Taking risk management steps can help save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

To learn more about commercial hurricane insurance and how it can protect your business in the event of a storm, contact us today.

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